All our Socials! Whats new?

Posted by Claire Amelia on

So like many of you, we started a new hobby during lockdown...
We are now on TikTok! 

Bringing you behind the scenes of our awesome shoots, showing you all round our shop, meeting the team - (and exposing our funny and embarrassing moments!!) These are just some elements you will see on our Tik Tok Page!

So grab a cuppa and follow us on TikTok 'bridalemporiumleeds' and have a giggle.. we have lot's of new content coming to keep you entertained and inspired while searching for your dream dress.

Let us know what you think of our videos and content by simply leaving a like or comment on our Tik Tok. We really really appreciate it!! 
Also, let us know your fav Tik Tok accounts and we'll go check them out!