Should I Hire a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist for my Wedding?

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This is a question we get asked a lot during our appointments with brides!

What we always say, is that you need to feel comfortable on your big day. We understand that the thought of a professional hair stylist and make-up artist can feel daunting to some brides. But if you hire a team you get along with and trust will make you look glam... this can really help to make you feel your best! We asked the lovely ladies from The Briar Rose Co. to tell us more about the process from trials to the wedding day itself, to give you all an idea of whats involved.


Hey, we’re Kellie and Emma, the duo behind The Briar Rose Co. Hair & Makeup Design.
Best friends since we were kids, we have a dynamic that works (and plenty of stories to break the ice and get our brides laughing).


When an enquiry comes in, the first thing we do is share who we are, what we do, and most importantly our ethos.

We’re all about you being you!

We recommend doing some research of looks you like before your trial. Pinterest, Instagram and blogs are all really helpful when looking at pictures of narrowing down what you’d like your bridal style to be (it helps you speak our language too!)


Trial Day

Come the trial, we go over these images, pictures of your dress, the venue, flowers and anything else you can’t wait to show us. This is super helpful to pull the vision together.

We can then tailor the looks to suit you, every bride is different and it’s important to translate a style so not only do you feel like you, but that the style compliments you too!

You should be wearing your look and glowing like a goddess, the look is never allowed to wear you.

We can try different styles at a trial, this helps when you’re torn between up/down, silvers or golds, but ultimately you are the one who has the final say. We work our magic to get ‘that’ smile when you look in the mirror and feel like the best version of yourself!


Bridesmaids and Family  

We often get asked by our brides whether bridesmaids and family should have a trial or even tentatively ask if they can. Everyone should feel happy and comfortable and like themselves, even if you’d like a uniform look we can still make everyone’s hair and makeup suit them so they feel their very best! It’s always nice to have a mum and daughter day, or with your sister or friend, so trying out your wedding looks together is such a special time!

After the trial we always encourage our brides to give us their absolute honest feedback, that little hair in the back? Rethinking having those tendrils down at the side? Fancy that eyeliner having more of a wing? Tell us! 

Oh please do, this is our job, this is what we love and breathe and we put everything into getting ‘that’ smile we were talking about (you’ll know it when you see it in the mirror!) That’s how we make you glow, by making those final touches, it makes sure you look in the mirror and feel confident and beautiful.

We also look out for those little tell signs like automatically popping your hair behind your ear. This means we need a style that still gives the effect of hair around the face but is tied back and not bothering you.

At the end of the trial, we’ve laughed, we’ve told our silly stories, drank tea, made you feel a queen and it’s time to go! At every trial, every bride always says...

‘Why haven’t I organised to go somewhere when my hair and makeup is done?!’

We love this, but seriously, it you have the option to organise something with your girls after the trial, do! What a way to show your bridal squad your look. 

Alternatively, sometimes brides are going to see their fiancée after the trial, so we always offer to take the hair down and change things up a bit so they’re thrown off the scent!

Finally, we encourage you to take lots of pictures, selfie it to the max when you get home, look in every mirror in different lights, get a feel for your look. This way, you can find any little changes you want to make on the day or just confirm you love it!

The Big Day

So, it’s the wedding morning! We’ve done this so many times, with all sized groups from just the bride herself, right up to the bride plus 7, so trust us, we know how wedding mornings work. We’ve got our formula down and we know it works!

Once your numbers are confirmed and your trial is complete we create a list of timings for the morning, this can be switched and amended to suit your bridal party, but we always tend to do the bride last so everyone else is ready to help dress you and offer support. It’s so important everyone is ready when it’s time to get your dress on. This is usually where the nerves kick in and it’s important everything is in place and you’re as worry free as possible. We’ll be there, ready to pop in your veil for you and do any last minute touch ups, then it's time to walk down the aisle.

On the morning, we’re always armed with a playlist whether you want something chilled, something romantic or to bust out that late 90’s/early 00’s classic, we love the atmosphere it creates and it’s brought out some of the most amazing stories from bridal parties in the past!

We come with our full kits as always, plus any additional hair pieces or products we’ve used or discussed at the trial. We are serial over thinkers so we.bring.everything. Even down to a sewing kit and paracetamol (yes, Emma has been up a bride’s dress stitching a seam back in place!)

We love wedding mornings, being part of your special day and all those special moments just fill us full of the fuzzies. From the Dads reaction, gifting your girls presents, the naughty Auntie making jokes..we just love them all! Add that with doing what we love and we’re in lucky are we?!


Tips For The Big Day

Food and drink is important, it can be a very long day with big gaps between opportunities to eat and drink and no one wants a hangry bride, so make time for breakfast and snacks.

Take lots of pictures and videos, and ask your people to do the same! The wedding morning will pass you by in flash so document it so you can relive it. 

Where possible we ask everyone to wash and dry their hair the night before, have your showers before we get there and prep your skin. Share the timetable with your gang, we aren’t super strict with this, it’s more of a guideline, but if everyone knows when they need to be there and ready to go, it makes for a chilled morning! We’re yet to have a stressful one yet (touch wood!)

We hope this guide helps and eases any nerves about hiring a hair and make-up team. Any questions please just get in touch!

Kellie & Emma


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