Home Appointment Guide

Posted by Claire Amelia on

You might have seen that we're now offering Virtual Appointments. Which are a fab chance to take a tour around the boutique and pick out some wedding dresses to try on at home!!!

But what about after you've collected those gorgeous gowns and taken them home?? Well we've created a guide to help you try on your chosen dresses.
First things first, enjoy yourself! Honestly, we know wedding dresses can be a little intimidating, but your inner princess will come out in no time.

In order to protect our dresses, we suggest wearing minimal makeup and fake tan. Also having clean hands is a must. Having a clean floor and no pets around is also super important as ivory picks up anything very easily...

We recommend stepping into the dress without shoes on, then slowly pulling the dress up and allowing a second person to fasten up the dress for you. We understand you may not have the option to have a second person with you, so may need to have flexible arms ;-)

Almost all of our dresses are zips or buttons, sample dresses never tend to fit perfectly so don't be discouraged if it's not the right size.

If the dress feels tight don't force it, however feel free to hold the back fastening and take pictures to see which dresses look and feel the best!

It is very important to take pictures in the dresses as it is a great way to eliminate styles if you're stuck between a few! Maybe organise a Skype or Zoom call with your loved ones and see what they think.

Feel free to pop some heels on once the dress is on! Bare in mind the dress will more than likely be too long, this is super common for wedding dresses. 

When you have finished trying on all your top picks, please step out of the dress, and hang it back up. Then place the dress back in its garment bag to keep it protected, place a finger behind the zip of the bag to ensure no fabric gets caught in the zip and harms the dress.
We hope this helps and have a magical time trying dresses on ladies!

Saying yes to the dress!

So you've tried all your chosen wedding dresses on and you're heart is singing. You've found THE dress! How exciting! We're poppin' the bottles of fizz and having a virtual toast for you!

But how on earth do you choose your wedding dress size? After all, wedding dress sizes are notoriously different to high street sizing. Well our top dog and all round wedding expert, Claire Amelia, tells all! Here, she talks you through how to measure yourself at home.  
For all the ladies who say yes to the dress, we'll send you a celebratory goody bag too!

Any questions, please just drop us an email or DM on our social media