Wedding Hair Trends For A Bride To Be

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Wedding hair trends are just like every other trend in this ever changing world. One year it might be “trendy” to have your hair down on your wedding day and the next year it will be on trend to have your hair up. The world changes and so do the wedding hair trends.

Do not panic if you haven’t decided how you’re going to style your hair! Whether your hair is short, long or somewhere in between, I have selected a range of styles to suit every need.

However, here is a little bit of advice before we get to my list. Make sure you have chosen your attire before you start looking at the wedding hair trends. This is not because I have a particular way of doing things, it is because the style of your dress is something you must consider in order for everything to work together. 

If you are also looking for your wedding dress then take a look at a blog I did on called - The Top 8 Wedding Dress Trends Of 2022 - for a little bit of guidance.


Well let's get cracking shall we? Here are the wedding hair trends that you should look out for in 2022!

Wedding Hair Trends For A Bride To Be

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Keep An Open Mind

One thing you need to have throughout the whole planning process is an open mind. Do not walk into the room and be ridged with your ideal choice of style. It is a good idea to allow your hair stylist to give their own creative input and try a few different styles with you. They will know what hairstyles go with what dresses and they will also take into account the shape of your face. Be completely honest with your stylist and they will help you pick the perfect hairstyle for you.

Are You Wearing A Veil?

Are you going to be wearing a veil on your wedding day? As I mentioned in my previous blog - Should I Wear A Bridal Veil On My Wedding Day? - you need to think about what type of veil you will be wearing when you are choosing how to have your hair styled. There are plenty of wedding hair trends which will work with veils but make sure you have decided if you are wearing a veil before you pick your hair. If you are opting for a veil then it is a good idea to have a simple hairstyle. There is no point having a fancy updo if it is going to be covered with a veil.


Hair Accessories

The last thing I want you to think about is any hair accessories you would like to wear. This includes flower crowns, tiaras, hair clips and anything else you will be wearing on your head. Take a look at the amazing range of hair accessories we have available on our online wedding marketplace. There is something for everyone!


If you have got to this point of the blog and realised that you need to sort a few things out before thinking about your hairstyle then save this blog for later. It isn’t going anywhere. Come back when the time is right and feel free to get in touch with us if you need some advice.

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Let Your Hair Down On Your Wedding Day

I do like a classy updo but personally, I love it when a bride lets their hair down. One of the popular wedding hair trends that is making a comeback at the moment is the sleek symmetrical centre parting. This style is great because it works with a lot of face shapes. It is also perfect for a bride who can’t maintain a curly hairdo or simply doesn't like curls. The symmetrical centre parting demonstrates the beauty of simplicity and can be achieved with both thin and full hair. 

Have Braids For Days

There is nothing new about the classic long braid but there are a variety of styles to choose from so it shouldn’t be a hard job to find a look that you can fall in love with. Better yet, a sleek braid can be achieved by a quick blush of the hair and a bit of elastic. From a French braid flicked to the side, to loose braided crowns that can sit regally on your head, there is no sign of the much loved wedding braided hairstyle going anywhere any time soon! They're great, they're timeless and easy to achieve, I for one am glad they're sticking around.

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High Side Afro Puff

If you are looking for some inspiration that allows you to show off your natural hair then look no further. The high side afro puff is a great choice to go for if you have chosen a dress with a lot of detail on top. You want to show your dress off to its full potential and you don’t want to cover it up with long hair. This hairstyle can also be elevated by adding a statement hair accessory into the side. Do not settle for the basics on your wedding day. You are there to make a statement so make sure you do!

Loose Waves

Loose waves in your hair are the ideal choice for a bride who is having a beach wedding, especially if they naturally have long thick hair. A great thing about wavy hair is that it pairs well with a large range of accessories. For example, the Alana Blossom Wedding Hair Vine Accessory is the perfect accessory for wavy hair. Take a better look by clicking on the button below!


Elegant Wedding Chignon

The 90s are back! The classic formal chignon is back and it brings the right amount of sophistication and polish to finish off any look. The style best fits a minimalist wedding as it is traditionally quite a formal hairstyle and would be the perfect cherry on top for a silk slip-style wedding dress. If you wanted to choose the chignon but didn’t want the formal undertones then you can undo it a little bit to add more appeal. 

Add A Headband To These Wedding Hair Trends

We have seen headbands making a huge comeback in recent years, especially in maximalist weddings. For a bride with a fashion forward mind, a maximalist headband is a MUST have for their wedding day. I know that a lot of people believe that headbands are usually associated with a child but, trust me, a headband can look super stylish on top of a classy updo. Also, choosing to have a headband means that your actual hair can remain simple as all the attention can go towards the headband. Look at the range of headbands we sell on!


Bridal Hairstyles Paired With A Veil

Once you have chosen your veil it is time to choose the bridal hairstyle that will show it off. If you have opted to wear a veil then you have to choose one of the wedding hair trends that is tight enough to secure your veil without it causing you a headache. No one needs a headache on their wedding day. The most popular hairstyle for this is an updo as they will provide a solid base for your hair. Also think about the length of your veil. Certain veil lengths go better with certain hairstyles. Click the button below to get a better understanding of each veil.


What Wedding Hair Trends Will You Be Using?

Do you have a favourite in my list of wedding hair trends? As I said at the beginning, the trends are changing all the time. It is impossible to say what will be “fashionable” when you get married but it is easy to see what people are loving at the time. The best advice I could give you is to do YOUR thing. Look at all the wedding hair trends and use one of them as inspiration. Then, add your own twist to it so it is YOUR hairstyle. 

Keep an eye on for more helpful advice and make sure you head over to our online wedding marketplace to find all your wedding MUST buys and more!


Written By Ryan Hirst